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We guarantee your successful ISO registration and we guarantee you can’t get an easier or more effective ISO solution.

We provide the best, most professional, and comprehensive ISO consulting solutions available. Our consultants are qualified and practicing certification body auditors, highly experienced and knowledgeable, and are committed to ensuring your project will be successful. More importantly, our unique approach ensures that we take most of the effort in the project and leave you with a solution that is meaningful, valuable, and easy to maintain.

Cavendish Scott, Inc. is the most experienced ISO consulting firm in the country. We stand by our knowledge of the standards and requirements, and solutions and guarantee successful ISO (re) certification.

We have been consulting in management systems and ISO standards for 30 years. We really know what it takes to craft a successful and valuable management system and we are precise about the application of requirements to ensure they optimally meet ISO.

This is a complicated and substantial upgrade to the 2015 version of the standard. We foresee significant effort and expertise needed to develop solutions to the new requirements and make modifications to existing processes. Done well these changes will be meaningful and add value. It could well work out very expensive if a minimal system just designed to address the requirements is implemented. Our approach as always is to take the bulk of the work in developing and implementing solutions. We then provide training and support to ensure your adoption is successful. We develop your solutions around what you already do. We don’t make you do ISO – we make ISO fit what you do. Our approach is substantial, designed to address all your ISO needs and we guarantee successful (re)certification. While our consulting solutions are comprehensive, you can pick and choose what you need for your particular situation.

Consulting Project Activities

  • Gap analysis, implementation checklist, and project planning
  • Restructuring of QMS documented information and quality planning
  • Modify existing QMS documentation. Reviewing existing documentation and rewriting to address new requirements and changed terminology. Providing training and support to ensure all changes are adopted and implemented.
  • Documenting new processes. Reviewing existing activities, discussing new processes, designing and documenting new processes at an appropriate level for your organization, and providing training and support to ensure they are adopted and implemented.
  • Awareness training for all employees
  • Leadership and ISO management awareness
  • Leadership development training (including engagement and commitment processes)
  • Workshop, training, and support to develop newly required content
  • Full, detailed document review to verify the documentation of conformance
  • Full internal audit, pre-assessment with a report and final findings, and item list

Importantly, if you adopt our full consulting approach we guarantee your successful (re) Certification to ISO 9001:2015.

Multiple Standards

Many ISO systems incorporate multiple standards. Sometimes these are additions to ISO 9001 such as ISO 13485 and AS 9100 and sometimes they are additional systems such as 14001 or 18001 (or both).

Simply decide which standards you need to conform to and we will ensure you continue to meet the current requirements. If your project requires major changes, then we can perform a separate document review to ensure you maintain conformance. If not, we can tweak what you already have in place.

ISO 9001:2015 is a positive thing for multiple standards. This new version has adopted a more consistent approach with all new ISO standards and will ensure they can be added and combined very easily.

Traditional ISO Systems

If you have a system that has been established a long time, perhaps it is structured around the standard, has similar numbers to the requirements, and even aligns with the 1994 standard. Probably this is not a process-based system and it is going to require a little more effort to update and transition. Sometimes the existing system has much that can be utilized and on other occasions less so. Our approach is similar but additional project activities include

  • Development of an Expanded Management System to address the additional Annex SL requirements.
  • Development of documented information for the management system that is process-based, providing two key benefits

Process alignment provides better visibility and control as well as addresses a core Annex SL requirement. This will lead to more successful processes and overall more success for the organization. That does translate to more growth and profitability.

Clear documentation is easier for employees to understand because it matches the processes they operate every day. Fewer mistakes, clearer understanding, consistent, reliable quality product. That translates to a lot less hassle.

Cavendish Scott will work with you to redevelop your existing system into something that is valuable, low maintenance, and reflects what you do rather than the requirements of a standard. We will take the majority of the redevelopment work (you have to follow the systems and processes of course) so that you don’t have to find the expertise or the resources and your employees can concentrate on their normal jobs. We guarantee (re) certification and we will get it right the first time around.

Cavendish Scott has a standard ISO transition and upgrade package based on the above process for customers and for straightforward organizations.

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