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Do You Have Effective and Repeatable Processes That Ensure Security?

The ISO 27001 standard is about processes and management systems, not the technical aspects of security. In practice, your in-house security and IT personnel are often all the expertise you need from a security point of view.Cavendish Scott can help with the rest.

Common Myth – Big Mistake

There is a common misconception that achieving ISO 27001 certification requires superior security measures. However, ISO 27001 is primarily about implementing effective processes and management systems to address security requirements and ensure accountability and awareness of shortcomings. While certain methods and processes for effective security must be in place, the emphasis on security itself is secondary to having robust processes that manage security requirements and the current security situation within the organization.
Engaging security experts for ISO 27001 consulting can often be a mistake. While security experts are excellent in their domain, ISO 27001 focuses on processes and management systems rather than technical aspects of security. In many cases, the expertise of in-house security and IT personnel is sufficient from a security standpoint. Not only are security experts expensive, but they often lack experience in ISO management systems and may not provide the ideal solutions. It’s important to avoid this costly mistake.

The ISO 27001 Standard

ISO 27001 is a management system standard that requires the establishment of a system within your organization to manage security. It does not inherently require specific security measures to be applied. The standard allows management to accept their current security position without investing in new equipment or adopting new processes. Instead, it focuses on systems that ensure the identification and treatment of security issues and risks to an acceptable level, as determined by the organization. It requires a comprehensive system that addresses all areas of the organization, including the identification, reporting, and management of security events and incidents, as well as the development of appropriate mitigation and continuity strategies. Communication and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements are also essential.

he Accompanying ISO 27002 Standard

Unlike other ISO standards, ISO 27001 is accompanied by ISO 27002, which provides specific technical topics related to security. ISO 27002 offers a comprehensive checklist of security controls that organizations “may” apply. It is up to the organization to review the list, consider the applicability of the controls, and determine if any actions are necessary based on identified security risks. While ISO 27002 is not mandatory, some controls specified in ISO 27001 effectively become mandatory. Training and awareness, as well as the management of security incidents, are examples of controls that organizations will need to apply. Although the list may not be exhaustive, it serves as a valuable starting point for conducting a thorough review of security within the organization. In practice, in-house IT professionals often possess enough understanding to determine the applicability of controls and define the treatment of current risks appropriately.

Cavendish Scott Advantage

With over 35 years of experience in ISO standards, management systems, and processes, Cavendish Scott is well-equipped to assist organizations. We specialize in designing and implementing business-focused management systems that are easy to maintain while ensuring effectiveness without excessive costs.
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