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How Guaranteed Internal Audits Lead To Certification – They also result in improved processes. Process auditing has been a part of Cavendish Scott’s expansive suite of ISO services since 1985 when Colin Gray, leader of Cavendish Scott, and two partners founded the firm. Since then, the firm has conducted numerous internal audits and, for more than 30 years, Cavendish Scott has provided written guarantees that its ISO internal audits will lead to successful certification audits.

How Internal Audits Lead to Certification and Improved Processes

Process auditing has been a part of Cavendish Scott’s expansive suite of ISO services for 35 years. The firm has conducted numerous internal audits and provided written guarantees that its ISO internal audits will help lead to successful certification audits.

Cavendish Scott performs hundreds of internal audits each year, helping assure clients they will pass their certifying audit. As part of its internal audit services, Cavendish Scott helps manufacturers and suppliers find solutions to any ISO auditing challenges that occur.

The Internal Audit Process

Cavendish Scott follows a defined plan with controls, executed by experienced auditors who are knowledgeable about quality management system standards.

Cavendish Scott starts every audit by inspecting documents and cross-referencing them with the standards. Our auditors use documentation to not just seek out where potential shortcomings may be, but also prove that our clients follow what they do correctly and meet the standards. This ultimately prepares our clients for their registrar audit and obtain registration. When possible, we also coach, advise, and offer suggestions for improvements and best practices to help our clients improve their management systems.

One of the most important decisions organizations face when planning their annual internal audits is whether to perform the function in-house or call in professionals. Without question, Cavendish Scott recommends the approach with professional, internal auditors.

Professionals Bring a Depth of Knowledge

All Cavendish Scott auditors take and pass the 40-hour IRCA-accredited ISO 9001:2015 lead auditor class.

The advantages of a Cavendish Scott Professional Auditor include breadth of experience, outside perspective, inside neutrality, lack of business disruption, consulting during the audit, ongoing support, sound advice and corrective action, and readiness for future audits.

Professional Audits Equal Assured Quality Management

Cavendish Scott’s manufacuturing and supplier clients assert that a proactive quality management system plan including professional internal audits provides valuable protection for their investment in ISO certification/accreditation and is an essential element of their quality management system.

The Certifying Audit Process

Certifying audits, which take place in two stages, generally follow internal audits. It is best to allow enough time between the internal and certifying audits for any corrective action that needs to be taken, but not long enough for processes to slacken.

Certification is issued by the certifying organization and not the International Standards Organization, which publishes standards but does not certify. The ISO logo may be used in connection with certification but only under careful controls. Certification is usually good for three years, with annual assessments in the off-years.

The goals of the internal and certification audits are different. Cavendish Scott strives to improve management systems and add transparency and accountability in their internal audits. The goal of the certification audit is to assess the compliance of the system, ensuring it meets basic requirements for a good, assured management system.

Many Standards, One Approach to Auditing

Cavendish Scott works with many different management system standards, each of which are designed to achieve a specific purpose. Each relies on the management of processes with explicit objectives and goals. When possible, Cavendish Scott performs simultaneous audits of all the standards an organization has implemented.

Included are:

  • ISO 9001:2015– Quality Management System
  • ISO 13485:2016– Quality Management Systems: Medical Devices
  • AS9100D:2016– Quality Management Systems: Aerospace, Defense and Government
  • IATf 16949:2016– Quality Management Systems: Automotive Industries
  • ISO 14001:2015– Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 17025:2017– General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration in Laboratories
  • ISO 27001:2013– Information Security Management
  • ISO 45001:2018– Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

Beyond ISO, Cavendish Scott works with standards related to the following:

  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • National Aerospace and Defense contractors Accreditation Program
  • Nuclear Quality Assurance
  • Capability Maturity Model Integration
  • Baldrige Performance Excellence Program
  • Various industry sectors, including petroleum, oil and gas; automotive; and software security

In working with many versions of these standards, Cavendish Scott brings expertise in the optimal design of a quality management system or QMS for the benefit of the organization and the assurance of compliance with standards-based requirements.

In addition to auditing, Cavendish Scott offers comprehensive consulting services and in-house, public, accredited, and customized training in many ISO standards. This enables our auditors to interact with multiple clients in many sectors around several industries and standards.

With 35 years of experience, Cavendish Scott offers consulting, training and auditing services to help organizations meet an expansive suite of ISO standards.

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