Our Philosophy

At Cavendish Scott, we believe that helping a company implement a quality or environmental standard is not simply about earning a certificate. It is about being better and proving it.

We partner with our clients and take a practical approach. The systems we design are effective and help improve efficiency and not only meets the requirements of the standard, but more importantly the needs of our clients. Our solutions are low maintenance, provide tangible benefits, and reflect your organization. We are not just consultants; we are your partner. We are here for you.

Our Heritage

Our roots began in England in 1985, where Cavendish Scott helped businesses implement and benefit from quality and environmental management systems. England has a long history with the concept of formalized management systems. It was in England that BS5750 and BS 7750 originated, which were early and important precursors to ISO 9000 and ISO 14001.

By 1994, Cavendish Scott expanded to the United States. Here, the objective remained the same: to help American businesses implement formalized management systems and realize their benefits. Since that time, we have helped to implement thousands of quality management systems and supported even more clients.

Today, you will find no one better when it comes to implementing, auditing, or training against ISO standards and quality management systems. Our company consists of full-time employees, who have extensive industry experience, and who have implemented quality management systems from the ground up. We would love to hear from you, so please contact us about your project today.

Our Guarantee – Your Assurance

We put into writing our guarantee for every consulting project that we do, because we are the best at what we do. It is just that simple.

Our approach is practical but unique. We do not overly complicate our approach and the systems we implement. We implement effective and efficient management systems that not only meet the requirements of the standard, but also yours. We bring forth best practices in every project we take on. We are more thorough in our approach, and we implement useful, valuable, and meaningful solutions for all our clients. As your partner, you will achieve certification/accreditation with our approach guaranteed.

Get Help With Your ISO

Tell Us More About Your Project Cavendish Scott is a full-service ISO organization focusing on quality management system implementation, internal auditing, and ISO training. Whether you need a quick and simple update to your existing quality management system, a full-blown ISO implementation project, cost effective internal auditing, or training for your organization, we are right for your project. We are right for you.
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