ISO 14001 Auditing

An Internal Audit For ISO 14001 Compliance Is The Best Way To Be Proactive

If you have a well-designed ISO 14001 system, the main “environmental” processes in the system can be audited in only one to one-and-a-half days.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Being a support process to the business, ISO 14001 audits can be significantly streamlined. While there are official guidance tables that registrars have to follow, these tables are hugely exaggerated in many cases. Cavendish Scott has developed a unique approach that reflects the importance of ISO 14001 but in the context of the organization as a whole.

The main processes required in ISO 14001 are well defined in the standard and there are only so many variations. Larger organizations have more sophisticated and “larger” systems but there are fundamental similarities. Also, like any audit, when auditing these processes you only sample data – you test the overall reliability of the systems and consequently, the main processes can be audited simply and effectively.

Fast, In-Depth Auditing

If you have a well-designed ISO 14001 system, the main “environmental” processes in the system can be audited in only one to one and a half days. Larger organizations might need two days of auditing but even much larger organizations will not have substantially more data to check in on basically the same number of processes.

The audit must include a review of the actual environmental situation of the organization. The audit would include looking for aspects and impacts and also for controls and measures which assist in ensuring the main processes have been effective in identifying and controlling environmental issues.

Even though the environmental management system is a support process for the organization as a whole, it is also supported itself and thus support processes must also be audited. These processes, as they specifically apply to Environmental issues, tend to be limited in volume. Although there are quite a few processes they can be effectively audited in one or two days.

Thus for very small organizations, ISO 14001 auditing can be achieved in as little as two days. For larger organizations, a 4-day audit can be completely effective. Obviously, there are variations and exceptions to these rules but the world is over-complicating EMS auditing and Cavendish Scott has a solution that is guaranteed to meet the requirements of your ISO auditor in a practical way. We provide objective advice against the content of the standard and subjective advice for simplification, improvement, and cost reduction. Almost without fail we bring improvements to systems when we initially audit. We are highly professional, IRCA qualified and you will not find a better internal audit.

How We Do It Different

Cavendish Scott, Inc. has been consulting, auditing, and training in ISO 14001 since before ISO 14001 (BS 7750). We provide value-added audits that will drive cost reduction and improvement into your system, simplifying the maintenance of your system and guaranteeing your ongoing conformance and ISO certification. While the industry continues to overstate the auditing needs 14001 Cavendish Scott has found a way to do it substantially cheaper, and yet still drive value and improvement. Contact us today for economic, business-focused auditing ISO 14001 auditing.

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