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EFI Polymers

ISO 9001 and 13485
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How We Built Our Own QMS: EFI Polymers Case Study

Building your own Quality Management System (QMS) is a challenge. Get your complimentary case study to learn how EFI Polymers accomplished it with great success.

EFI Polymers designs, formulates, manufactures, and sells chemical products such as epoxies and urethanes to a wide range of industrial customers. Building a QMS was a high priority because without an ISO 9001:2015 certificate, EFI Polymers was facing major challenges with many customers.

In EFI Polymers: How We Built Our QMS, you’ll learn:

  • How having an ISO 9001:2015 QMS allows manufacturers to move fast and grow their business
  • Why EFI Polymers needed to set up a QMS
  • What requirements were needed for their QMS, including everything from scoping documents, definitions, procedures, auditing experience, and more
  • How EFI Polymers grew their business while their competitors shrunk theirs

Download your complimentary EFI Polymers Case Study today!

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