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Our Approach

At Cavendish Scott, we have a unique approach to ISO consulting that sets us apart. We address two key factors to deliver exceptional ISO management system consulting.

First, we align your existing activities with ISO requirements, avoiding unfamiliar procedures. We assume your processes are compliant and document them as they are. This approach streamlines your management system and lowers operational costs.

Second, we interpret and apply the ISO standard precisely, eliminating gray areas caused by unreliable auditors. Our goal is to ensure compliance while making ISO practical and meaningful for your organization.

We recognize that ISO management systems offer tremendous benefits, improving performance and reducing risk. However, decisions regarding implementation lie with your management. We bring opportunities and ideas to their attention, creating an ISO system that facilitates improvement.

ISO certification provides marketing advantages, meets customer demands, and builds confidence. To pass audits easily, we emphasize building a demonstrably proven ISO system. Our documentation process cross-references your procedures and policies with the ISO standard, ensuring compliance and facilitating auditors’ inquiries.

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It’s different for small companies

For small companies, we understand their advantages: lower overhead, competitive pricing, and effective communication. To help them grow successfully, we implement a formal ISO system with discipline and controls.

Even small organizations planning for growth can benefit from the flexibility of ISO requirements. Systems remain simple, bureaucracy light, and discipline manageable. Documented procedures demonstrate conformity effectively.

At Cavendish Scott, we cater to the needs of small organizations by delivering practical and conforming ISO systems. Our streamlined approach reduces fees, expedites implementation, and can be completed in just one month.

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