ISO/TS 16949 Auditing

The Automotive Industry Trusts Cavendish Scott for Internal Quality Audits

We provide thorough audits by skilled ISO/TS practitioners to help you maintain the utmost quality with sound processes and regulatory compliance with standards like ISO/TS 16949.

Guarantee Quality for Your Clients

The automotive industry is notoriously picky about quality. For years they have had their own requirements and even these days still impose even more requirements to get things just right. This “pickiness” initially caused concern and even drove cost into the supplier base but over time, it has proven to be a mutually beneficial approach.  However, it has reduced the supplier base down to only the best, and thus it is essential to not miss a trick.  There are too many other suppliers who are keen to get your company’s business.

Given the additional requirements imposed by the automotive industry, the stricter controls in the certification scheme, and the tougher nature of the auditors, it just makes sense to protect your investment by calling the independent expertise of Cavendish Scott, Inc.

Our Company Provides

  • Thorough audits by skilled ISO/TS practitioners.
  • Precise interpretation of the requirements to ensure an appropriate business-focused approach.
  • The ability to spot issues before external auditors, AND help with the solution.
  • Substantial audit evidence and formal qualifications to satisfy and pass the certification audit.
  • An improvement approach to focus on business opportunities.

Cavendish Scott can ensure your automotive customers are impressed with your audit results and protect your certification.

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