ISO 9001 Auditing

Use Our Expert Auditors & Be Ready for Anything

Our goal is to ensure that employees are prepared for any external or customer audit, and we coach them with their answers if necessary. Take the worry out of ISO 9001 compliance.

Processes You Can Rely On

Cavendish Scott has been conducting ISO internal audits for 25 years. We have always followed a process approach having adopted it in principle right from the start. We teach thousands of auditors each year how to audit correctly. We are a certified training organization with the IRCA and are all qualified and practicing ISO Lead Auditors.

Three Things that Distinguish Us From Others

  1. We are passionate about the standard. We believe that it’s a great model for us all to base our management systems. There is nothing bad in it so long as it is applied practically – and we have a lot of experience in getting it right. If there are issues with your system we will find them and make clear recommendations for improvement and streamlining. You will not find any other auditor who is so positive about the standard and squeezing every bit of value and improvement out of it.
  2. We are precise about the interpretation of the standard. We are very clear when the standard is requiring something and when we think something is a good idea for you. That way you are always in charge and make all the decisions. We continuously challenge each other and undergo formal training about interpretation and application of the requirements. Nobody else better understands, can apply or communicate the meaning of the standard.
  3. We are the most professional auditors you will find. We formally prepare before the audit, generate a detailed audit schedule and statement of work, we conduct opening and closing meetings (some more casual than others), we audit in depth (rather than just look at a few records), thoroughly cover all parts of the organization and provide a comprehensive package of information at the end of the audit. Our report includes an overall summary, individual process summaries, carefully and precisely written findings (nonconformances and observations), comprehensive auditor biographies and stacks of audit evidence. Obviously we guarantee that our audits will satisfy any certification body auditor and meet the requirements of the standard.

We Want You To Be Prepared

As auditors we also provide as much advice and training as we do ask questions. Our goal is to ensure that employees are prepared for any external or customer audit and we coach them with their answers if necessary. Where we see minor issues we encourage staff to fix them immediately but are also wary to note any recurring problem that might be found more widely.

Additionally, an on-going relationship with Cavendish Scott is just that. We are available when you have questions about ISO or your system perhaps from external or customer audits, when you are expanding or changing your system or when the requirements are changing. We are your personal ISO experts to keep your system in shape.

  • ISO Expertise: We spot problems before your certification body does. We also highlight opportunities to simplify and improve your system.
  • Guaranteed Effective: We guarantee acceptance of our audit by your certification body.
  • Qualifications: We are all qualified IRCA auditors who are actively consulting and training in ISO and also conduct audits on behalf of registrars.
  • Up-to-date: We monitor the groups that develop ISO standards. You will have access to the latest developments and drafts of relevant standards.
  • Training Costs: With in house auditors, you will probably incur “some” cost of auditor training every year (both internal time and training resources).
  • Audit time: Your own staff spends a significant amount of time in preparation, auditing and report generation. We are quicker and are less intrusive with auditees.
  • Performance: Internal auditors tend to be part-time or occasional auditors. This is our profession and thus we are probably more objective, more thorough and identify more and more meaningful findings.
  • System Expertise: Because we are familiar with business processes we are often able to identify significant opportunities for improvement and simplification. We are able to support and consult as we are performing internal audits.
  • Compel improvement: ISO is about improving your processes and we mirror that pressure to measure and improve process characteristics that are important to you.
  • Ongoing Support: We provide an ongoing resource for questions about your system and will support you in case your registrar has difficult questions for you during audits.
  • Cost Effective: In the long run we allow you to focus on your key work tasks and we take care of your ISO/AS. Easily, quickly and no worry.

Our unequaled experience as consultants, auditors and trainers ensure we can provide the most comprehensive, most value added and positive internal ISO 9001 audit possible.

Expert ISO 9001 Audits for Peace of Mind
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