ISO 45001 Auditing

The Stakes Are High for ISO 45001

OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory agencies require significant resources to satisfy their regulations. In this context, the stakes can be high. Protect yourself with a professional internal audit.

The Regulatory Context of ISO 45001 Means the Stakes are High

OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory agencies require significant resources to satisfy their regulations. These agencies can also impose penalties, jail terms, and even shut organizations down. A good ISO 45001 system will protect against these potential issues. The system will provide a systematic process to ensure all health and safety issues (and any potential issues) are known and managed. ISO 45001 makes sure organizations create and implement health and safety processes. A process that ensures all regulatory requirements are identified and the organization maintains compliance. With our auditing services, management can have confidence that their organization is safe and protected from regulatory agencies.

Internal auditing is essential because it ensures the ISO 45001 system complies with all regulations while simultaneously maintaining an effective health and safety plan for all workers in an organization. The unique mix of skills and knowledge for internal auditing is rarely available internally. Often an organization has the technical and safety skills but not in the context of a management system or auditing. Cavendish Scott does this for a living and provides the best management system auditing available. With the recent publication of ISO/IEC TS 17021-10, the required skills and knowledge of auditors is clearly defined and we are proud to meet all of those requirements and more.

We Provide

  • Precise, careful auditing to ensure thorough and effective management systems
  • Professional, skilled, and knowledgeable auditors with an appreciation of the impacts of failures
  • Attention to detail that identifies potential systemic issues before the external audit date
  • Confidence in the system to assure management their organization is safe
  • A positive balance between the business needs of the organization with the need to operate support management systems
  • A focus on continual improvement that brings the experience of many management situations leading to tangible growth in the operation of ISO systems

Organizations frequently outsource critical activities to professional subcontractors. Cavendish Scott provides internal auditing for hundreds of organizations, thus giving management confidence and assurance of continued certification while keeping everyone in the organization safe.

Ready for an Internal Audit for ISO 45001?
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