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7 Deadly Sins of ISO

In a perfect world, any company that implemented ISO standards would be provided with an expert toolbox and directions – the perfect starting point for building and maintaining safe and highly-effective processes.

The fact is that we do not live in a perfect world. The ISO standards can be cumbersome and difficult to interpret correctly. Individuals can make mistakes while applying the standards and jeopardize the company’s chance for compliance. ISO auditors might have outdated information and be misinformed about how quality management systems should function.
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How can you ensure that your company never has an ISO horror story to tell?

You’ve heard the nightmarish tales from companies like yours trying to get certified. Do you have to worry? You don’t, especially if you’re prepared with the right info. Good preparation and a few easy tips can spell the difference between your experience turning out to be a fairy tale or a horror story. So, what can you do to avoid the biggest mistakes in ISO?

Download “7 Deadly Sins of ISO” today to find out. This e-book explains in detail:

  • Which decisions have the most significant impact on the effectiveness of your Quality Management System
  • How to acquire an accurate understanding of the application ISO standards
  • How to select a competent auditor and an accredited certifying body
  • How to ensure that your documentation meets ISO requirements

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