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If you want to work in the aerospace and defense industries, you need to be AS9100 certified. Cavendish Scott consulting services can get you there.

We guarantee your successful AS9100 registration and we guarantee you can’t get an easier or more effective AS9100 solution. We provide the best, most professional, and comprehensive AS9100 consulting solutions available. Our consultants are qualified and practicing certification body auditors, highly experienced and knowledgeable, and are committed to ensuring your project will be successful. More importantly, our unique approach ensures that we take most of the effort in the project and leave you with a solution that is meaningful, valuable, and easy to maintain.

  • GUARANTEED SUCCESS. We are familiar with the AS9100 standard and confident in our capabilities. We guarantee in writing that you will be successful in your ISO assessment.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY. We are a small organization without a substantial overhead. We spread payments over the full duration of the project.
  • AS9100 EXPERTS. Our consultants are fully employed, qualified AS9100 auditors, approved lead auditor lecturers, and are called upon frequently to make AS9100 presentations at National venues.
  • AS9100 EXPERIENCE. In 25 years we have worked in most industries. Also, because of our wide experience we are particularly good at transferring applications to new or unique situations.
  • PROVEN APPROACH. Our unique approach ensures that everything gets done in a way that we know will be successful. We have used our methodology for the past 25 years without failure.
  • MEANINGFUL SOLUTIONS. Our focus has always been on producing process-based solutions that are valuable to our clients. You end up with an AS9100 system that is easy to maintain and is useful in your organization.
  • TURNKEY SOLUTIONS. We can provide complete consulting solutions including project planning, gap analysis, writing all documents, training, implementation support, assistance with registrar selection, and guaranteeing success. We take the majority of the effort so you and your employees can stay focused on your jobs.
  • SPECIFIC ACTIVITIES. If you just need a document review, internal auditing, auditor training, or any specific project activity we are able to provide individual, specific tasks too.

AS9100 is the Standard for Aerospace and Defense Quality and Process Management

AS9100 provides a great opportunity for most organizations and forces discipline to improve.  However, it is difficult to implement, no corners can be cut and the penalties of getting it wrong are costly.

The aerospace and defense industry has invested significant time and effort to craft the assessment and registration schemes around the AS9100 standard. It is becoming a simple fact of life that if you want to work in the aerospace and defense industries that you need to be AS9100 certified. The industry has restricted access to only the best auditors. You rarely find lazy and ineffective auditors in this scheme. Conversely, they are likely to push the limits of AS requirements in getting you to perform effectively. In addition to tough, capable auditors, they have been provided substantially more time for them to complete their audits.  Not only are there more audit “days” than a standard ISO audit but it has been mandated that this time should be spent auditing and not report writing.  This is going to challenge organizations to get “good”.  What we end up with is a highly effective scheme that gives customers a lot of confidence in the ability of organizations with AS.  This will strengthen the industry commitment to the scheme which potentially provides a highly profitable market with barriers to entry.

The standard itself is very sensible but complicated with many detailed requirements and also some general areas that require comprehensive interpretation.  Even where you think requirements may not apply you often need to have an approach.  Cavendish Scott has a keen understanding of the overwhelming task of creating and delivering quality aerospace products, and that a return on one’s investment for becoming AS9100-certified must be worthwhile. The complexity of aerospace products and parts, the verification necessary to qualify those products, and the maintenance of them, are demanding and costly.  It is essential that your AS management system minimizes bureaucracy, optimizes value, and minimizes cost.  We have designed and implemented hundreds of AS systems and have many options and alternatives to ensure you end up with a meaningful system that drives value is easy to maintain and is also compliant with the standard. At Cavendish Scott, we work with your business goals, assuming that you’ve already done a lot of the work to define and operate successful processes.  We uniquely make AS requirements conform to what you are doing.  We don’t ask you to change to fit with AS.

Not only do we have over 25 years of relevant aerospace and defense consulting experience, we pay close attention to the way you get your product from conception all the way to delivery, helping you implement procedures that achieve a maximum effect in meeting your organization’s goals and the AS9100 standard.  We do all of this with minimal disruption to your production pipeline. With Cavendish Scott, you’re going to get a quality management system that will sustain high-quality levels for product creation, customer service, and on-time delivery. We’ll provide the best understanding of how the AS9100 standard compliments your business, showing where ISO 9001 and AS9100 overlap, and how they differ.

We are passionate about the ISO standard and eager to work with you on your business. All of our consultants have years of experience in evaluating aerospace companies and their product requirements, and in some cases, we can get you ready to register and get certified in as little as a few months. We’ll outperform anyone else with your ISO goals. Contact us today.

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