Ensuring ISO 9001 Standards with Liteye Systems

The objective of most manufacturing operations is to deliver a quality product to their customers. This was no different for Liteye Systems, a global technology manufacturer and integrator to military and commercial sectors providing defense systems that protect lives and critical infrastructure. It’s no surprise that the company needed to be certified in ISO 9001.

Get your complimentary case study on how Liteye Systems improved their quality management system (QMS) and was able to obtain ISO 9001 certification with Cavendish Scott ISO 9001 certification auditing, training and ongoing support services.

In “Liteye: Beyond Human Vision – An ISO 9001 A&D Case Study,” you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid seeing ISO 9001 as a rigid framework that inhibits innovation and agility
  • How you can leverage ISO 9001 standards to keep focused and on track in product development
  • Why implementing quality controls needs to start in the design phase with a QMS system
  • Why a strong relationship between auditor and auditee is vital for a company’s success in managing their ISO 9001 program

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