Information Security Policy

We are aware of the importance of information security. Although the data we hold might not appear to be particularly sensitive, it would impact us substantially if we were to lose access to it or if it was damaged. This could affect our client’s project timelines and would cause work to be repeated. We also acknowledge that no client deserves to have their data, however sensitive, lost, or mishandled in any circumstances.

Consequently, we apply simple information security initiatives in a conscious and deliberate manner to protect information. You can have confidence that our processes will appropriately protect your information and keep it safe.

Because of the distributed nature in which we work we encrypt all of our laptops and have a policy of password-protected screen savers. All data, including distributed data, is automatically backed up online in a secure encrypted environment. Security policies and contractual requirements with employees are designed to control information and stipulate that no data is mishandled or inappropriately stored.

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