Environmental Policy

It is our policy to operate an EMS so that we better understand our interaction with and manage our impact on the environment.

We believe in and are committed to the protection of the environment, actively seek improvement to our impacts, commit to meeting compliance obligations, and improve our system posture to enhance our environmental performance including pollution prevention.

We support this initiative through proactive programs addressing defined objectives and impacts such as travel, energy, and recycling.

Impacts and Objectives

We have limited our impact on the environment as an organization and have come together to agree on the ways in which we can positively contribute.  Our objectives include reducing travel and the impact that has on air and land pollution, being aware of energy usage, and playing our part in recycling, reusing, and avoiding waste.  As an organization, as a team, we are conscious and committed to these objectives.

Environmental Performance

We have established measures and indicators of our performance.  In our first year for formal reporting of our EMS,  2020, our travel has been substantially reduced to almost zero and thus objectives have been met.  Anecdotally we are reporting many examples of recycling and reuse of equipment and supplies.  Updates will be posted here at least twice a year.

Tell us About Your Project

If you have the same vision or think our work ethic will suit your organization lets discuss how we can work together.
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