Our Consultants

Our Consultants’ Strengths

ISO lead auditor trainingOur strength is our people, and our reputation comes from the standards they have set in quality and environmental systems consulting. At Cavendish Scott, we employ a full-time staff rather than rely upon subcontractors. We also hire capable consultants with a high level of expertise in the appropriate standards plus hands-on experience in implementing standards within different industry sectors. All consultants receive registered auditor training.

Consultants undergo rigorous internal training and all undergo formal registered auditor training. Because standards are constantly evolving, consultant training never ends: our continuous training approach helps consultants deal with the ever-emerging variants of the standards and the implementation of these standards into different business sectors.

Cavendish Scott makes use of the latest hardware, software, and communication technology available. All consultants are provided with technical training to maintain efficiency and ensure that clients can always stay in contact.

The Team Approach

Teamwork is the secret to a successful quality or environmental management systems implementation. When we assign a consultant to a project, that consultant does not come alone. He or she is backed by the entire Cavendish Scott consulting team. Not only does the team provide additional input to a project, but they are also available at times when the client’s own consultant may be unavailable to answer a question. This teamwork is also illustrated by the fact that every project has an objective pre-assessment audit carried out by consultants not assigned to the project.

Our ConsultantsNeed ISO Help?

Cavendish Scott is a full-service ISO management system consulting, auditing and training organization with decades of experience in international management system standards. Whether you need a quick and simple ISO certificate, cost effective internal auditing or a complicated process improvement program – we are right for your project. We’re right for you.

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