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ISO Training

ISO Consultant/Auditor

This is a full time position providing support to clients, developing, training, supporting and advising on ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and similar standards. It also involves conducting professional, full system ISO internal audits for clients, as team member and leader.

Experience of ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 etc. is essential although training and support will be provided. You will be provided support, tools, project management, equipment and processes to advise clients and develop solutions.

Experience as an auditor is also beneficial although advanced level training will be provided and registration as an IRCA professional auditor will be supported. Ideally you would be good at interacting with people, a good team member and confident enough to lead when the situation dictates. You will work on projects, provide training and conduct audits with colleagues and on your own.

This position requires travel but a base in Colorado (centered on Denver) is necessary as there are too many opportunities to learn, help, and share. We will provide full support and training to those with limited experience if the personality is right but experience with ISO is more than just desirable. And training will still be provided. A good personality is essential and you must be able to travel (within the US, perhaps up to 10 days per month average although in 2018 it was closer to 5 days).

We are committed to ensuring we provide the best ISO services in the nation. We train and support to make sure we do. We do the right thing and we do it well.

If you are currently a contractor in the ISO sector and fit this bill, we should talk.

Email us at info@cavendishscott.com, a short description of your experience with ISO standards, auditing or consulting and a list of your work history.

Associate/Contract ISO Auditor(s)

Cavendish Scott is always interested in establishing good relationships with professional, reliable and trustworthy individuals.  We need help to cope with fluctuations that occasionally occur in our business and can sometimes provide more consistent assignments.

Ideally you would be a current contractor, with an established workload of audits and are wishing to supplement that.  Ideally your focus would be on auditing so that you have a clear development goal, and would not be consulting in ISO implementation or at least not significantly.  We consider this to present a slight potential conflict although its not insurmountable.

You should like travel because that is one of our most difficult situations that we have to address.

You should probably have an IRCA or EG auditor card – or an equivalent independent way of demonstrating your competency and professionalism.

Personality and loyalty are paramount.  You have to operate as part of a team and fit in with our established processes and methods.

Entry Level ISO Auditor/Trainer/Consultant

Cavendish Scott is looking for additional resources in the form of an entry level auditor, trainer and consultant. We see this as an entry position, probably firstly focusing on auditing and then developing into training and then consulting as opportunities arise and competency is established.

Ideally you will have some experience of ISO 9001 (maybe similar standards such as FDA). You may have been involved in the implementation of ISO 9001 or been responsible for its upkeep and maintenance. You may have conducted internal audits and been responsible for interfacing with the certification body. Perhaps you have even performed audits for a certification body. Ideally, you would have had some managerial experience (oversight of the QMS may be enough but other formal experience might be useful). You should be familiar with most/all typical organization processes and be comfortable talking with top management about ISO and relevant topics.

You must be confident and comfortable presenting in order to be able to fill the role of lead auditor.

You will be an effective writer possibly having written procedures, instructions and management reports. We would hope that you can write articles and other content for our website on subjects that you are comfortable with.

Personality is critical to us. You will be easy going, dynamic, self-motivated, self-starter, hard working, and capable of standing alone.   You also cannot be afraid of new standards, situations or challenges. You will be give support but you have to be able to act professionally and come up with effective solutions on your own.  You will need to develop a lot of skills.

We need someone who is available to travel. Even likes travel. The job minimally would require 14-16 trips a year of 2-3 days on average. But plan on being able to cope with an average of two trips a month of 3+ days (this is not what we currently do but you never know).

We will provide training and support to develop the right candidate to a fully qualified ISO professional (it’s not just 9001 but AS9100, 13485, R2, 27001, 45001, 18001, 17025 to mention but a few).

We are not particularly looking for a contractor or part time person to fill this position – but try us.

The job is great! You will learn all about/get exposure to a variety of organizations, management systems, standards and so many other things you get exposed to. You get to meet some really cool people and work from home.  Conversely you are expected to work the hours you need to in order to satisfy your customers (they tend to work normal hours) and then work more to make sure you answer emails, stay responsive and do what needs to be done to be successful. This is NOT a 9-5 job and sometimes deadlines will mean you have to put extra hours in.  Historically there has been plenty of free time to develop your skills, help develop training material, work on marketing and presentations, etc.  You manage yourself and the compensation package is probably more than is generally available.

Loyalty and commitment are paramount. We are a small, tight-knit group. We have a lot of fun and want to keep it that way.

Benefits include health, 401k, disability. All work expenses are paid. All equipment (phone, computer, etc.) are provided.


To apply please briefly email us and tell us why you are right for the position. Some of the technical requirements for the job are important but personality and overall ability are probably better things to convince us of. Let’s keep it to 10 email lines (about 300 words). No resumes, no application forms. We’ll see where it goes from there.

Cavendish Scott, Inc.