Code of Conduct

ISO 9001 consultingAt all times, Cavendish Scott and its representatives will consider the interests of the client, review the client’s situation fairly and objectively, and offer advice to best meet the client’s needs. The client is considered to be the company of contract, as an entity in itself, and not any individual within or attached to its organization.

In addition, Cavendish Scott will at all times be professional in dress, presentation, and approach; and conduct itself in an honest, ethical, and trustworthy manner. Cavendish Scott and its representatives will also follow documented directions for contracted projects at all times and undertake to complete contractual tasks to the best of our ability. At all times, Cavendish Scott will take measures to ensure that changes to a project’s direction will be documented and agreed upon with clients. Cavendish Scott will maintain documented evidence adequate to justify the work that we claim to have completed, and we will keep all project documentation accurate and up to date at all times. In addition, Cavendish Scott will at all times keep the client informed with regard to the progress of appointed projects, and we will keep all information gained from clients confidential within the Cavendish Scott organization and among others authorized by the client. Cavendish Scott will at no time, before, during, or after the completion of a project, discuss clients’ situations with anyone outside the client and Cavendish Scott organizations.

Cavendish Scott and its representatives will at no time allow acceptance of gifts or inducements by anyone within the Cavendish Scott organization nor allow any others collaborating on any project to accept any gifts or inducements in return for unfairly influencing the direction or outcome of any project or part of a project. Cavendish Scott and its representatives will avoid conflicts of interest by declaring and discussing any financial, personal, or other interest in, or relationship to, any individual or organization involved or related to Cavendish Scott, clients, third parties, or projects.

Finally, Cavendish Scott, as an organization, is committed to professional development and will keep up to date with current practices, information, and training at all times in an effort to best serve our clients.

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