Our Company

Our Philosophy

iso-auditing-companyAt Cavendish Scott, we believe that helping a company implement a quality or environmental standard is not simply about earning certification.

Working closely with clients, we take a practical approach: we design systems that improve efficiency and meet the needs of the client, not just the standard. We keep systems and documentation as simple and accessible as possible, and we provide hands-on familiarization and training. Knowing how important ownership is to the process, we involve all key personnel in decisions and design, whether we write the documentation or we simply fine-tune what the client generates. The close relationship that our consultants build with clients also provides the ideal environment to learn more about the standards being implemented, something which just cannot be taught from books or seminars.

Our Heritage

England was the country that nurtured the development of BS 5750 and BS 7750, early and important precursors to ISO 9000 and ISO 14000. It was there that businesses grew comfortable with the concept of formalized management systems. And it was in England that Cavendish Scott, Inc. was formed in 1985 to help businesses implement and benefit from these systems.

Firmly rooted in England, Cavendish Scott expanded to the United States in early 1994. Here, the objective remained the same: to help American businesses implement formalized management systems and realize their benefits. Today, with offices that span the United States, Cavendish Scott is uniquely positioned to provide expert quality and environmental systems consulting services both locally and affordably.

In addition to our impressive longevity in the quality and environmental systems consulting business, we at Cavendish Scott also take a unique approach to the business itself: we use teams of full time, well-trained consultants; we guarantee our services; and we work for a fixed fee. To our clients, this means faster certification, reduced project costs, and systems that meet their business needs and not just those of the standard. Clients can expect all of the benefits inherent in a well-crafted quality or environmental system, but with the least possible amount of internal time and effort.

Our Guarantee – Your Assurance

We are the best at what we do and simply, we are happy to guarantee that.

The solutions and systems we create will meet the requirements of the relevant standards. We will prove that to you. We will produce useful, valuable, meaningful and optimal solutions for the benefit of your organization. You will achieve your certification goals.

We guarantee certification auditors will not find anything we did not find and address during your audit. Our audit team members are the best there is. Their qualifications, expertise and experience will be accepted by your auditor and our audits will meet their requirements. You will maintain or achieve your certification goals.

Our team works through project issues with you and we will do the right thing and make sure that it is right.

iso-certification-processGet Help With Your ISO

Cavendish Scott is a full-service ISO management system consulting, auditing and training organization with decades of experience in international management system standards. Whether you need a quick and simple ISO certificate, cost effective internal auditing or a complicated process improvement program – we are right for your project. We’re right for you.

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