Mission, Vision, & Values

Cavendish Scott believes in doing the right thing and doing what it takes to get the right outcome.

We always focus on working in such a way that adds value to the client. It is never only about finishing a project or getting a certificate. Yes, those things are important, but we do them in a way that is meaningful, valuable, and easy to maintain.

If we need to put in the extra effort to overcome some unexpected obstacles or to help out a new contact, we will get the job done.

That’s the way we always have and always will look at things. Our mission, vision, and values say it all much better.


To support organizations in their understanding, implementation, and realization of benefits from the adoption of formal management system models.


Cavendish Scott Customers outperform everyone else. Organizations with defined management systems that are intentional, disciplined, organized, and controlled to successfully achieve exceptional objectives.

Work Values (values that we have in the pursuit of customer satisfaction)
  • We always do the right thing. There is a right way and a wrong way to do ISO – everything about ISO.
  • We always get the job done. If we have to take extra time or invest more effort, we conclude things correctly.
  • We are precise. When dealing with requirements we are completely precise (never approximate) in our interpretation and application.
  • We are practical. Organizations don’t need to be experts in ISO but they need to be able to run their own processes. We can answer the ISO questions.
  • We are professional. Professional conduct and professional outcomes in auditing, training, and consulting. In everything we do.
  • We are passionate. We know that formal, disciplined, and organized management systems can bring substantial value to our customers.
Internal Values (values in the way we conduct ourselves)
  • Recognize interested parties and their needs. Our impact on others is important.
  • Accountability. We are accountable for what we do, how well we do it – and what we don’t do.
  • Self-improvement and Development. We continually add to our personal value and value to the organization by increasing our competency of all elements of our work.
  • Improvement of our processes. Discipline and consistency in our activities but always challenging and looking for better ways.
  • Leverage our company history, the experience of our work and customers, and the expertise of our team to drive the development and improvement of approaches, solutions, and tools.
  • Interaction with interested parties, customers, colleagues, honestly and positively.
  • Communicate, inform and advance colleagues, customers, and the company.

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