Applying directly to those organizations that produce testing and calibration results, the ISO 17025 standard adds the directive of competence to the 2000 version of ISO 9000 for laboratories. This competence comprises the requirements for measurement traceability and the controlling of sampling. Whether you are running quality assurance for radioactivity measurement in nuclear medicine, or chemical analysis for environmental products, the capacity for you to demonstrate a working, compliant quality management system for these new requirements is becoming a necessity. Customers in your industry are asking for quality assurances, and competitors are producing cutting-edge results in their laboratories. What changes will be needed in your laboratory to comply with the ISO 17025 standard? What state of readiness is your laboratory in prior to checking the quality management system, conducting an internal audit, or having an accreditation body perform the external audit? What if you don’t have an in-house lab capable of calibrating certain equipment? Is self-compliance without actually certification an option, or are there negative consequences to that?

Cavendish Scott and ISO 17025 Consulting

With over 25 years of laboratory evaluation experience behind our consultants, Cavendish Scott provides a full range of customized consulting services to meet the needs of your ISO 17025 accreditation goals. Our consultants are passionate about the ISO standard, are registered ISO 17025 auditors, and offer comprehensive training in the standard.

Our Specialties:

  • Orienting and optimizing your already-existing documentation
  • Evaluating your laboratory’s scope of capability
  • Precise interpretation of the ISO 17025 standard
  • Optimizing measurement uncertainties
  • Qualifying and training your personnel for internal audits
  • Emphasis on relevant, continual improvement to your business as ISO 17025 is implemented

The Difference With Cavendish Scott

We believe that an ISO management system can provide tremendous benefits to an organization, increasing performance and reducing fire-fighting. Respecting the domain and responsibility of your top management, we bring ISO 17025 consulting services that implement the standard without bringing unwanted change. Introducing things in a simple and transferrable way, we ensure your ISO system is conducive to improvements and help implement them where agreed.

ISO 17025 accreditation is a mission-critical investment to any laboratory looking to meet the increasing demands of customers, and duplicate the results and performance of of cutting-edge competitors. Bringing in an ISO 17025 consultant can drastically cut down on the time and human resource drain required to adequately prepare for accreditation. Contact Cavendish Scott today.

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