Gap Analysis Review and Project Planning


In order to comprehensively understand where you are, what you need to do, and more importantly, what makes sense for you to do to optimize your management system, you need a detailed consulting review of your management system.  You need someone to review all of your processes and compare what you do to the requirements of the standard.  You need to get informal consulting advice as interesting things are encountered and provide a summary report, perhaps a presentation, focusing on the future – a project plan, rather than just tell you what is a problem.  The focus should be on solutions not just point to what isn’t working.

This review should be long enough to see your whole facility, go through all your processes, understand your basic organizational needs.  It warrants a comprehensive report and project plan and even, if appropriate, a closing presentation with senior management.   In smaller organizations this could be completed in a day.  In most organizations a two day review should be sufficient.  Larger and more complex organizations may warrant more time.  Obviously the more time you are willing to invest, the more advice and suggestions you will receive and the more correct the solution determined.

Cavendish Scott has been providing gap analysis auditing, along with project plans and meaningful solutions for 30 years.  Contact us for more information.