Our Team

Our Consultants

We employ the best ISO Consultants, Auditors, and Trainers. Our employees come to us with decades of industry experience working in manufacturing and operations, medical devices, laboratories and calibrations, aerospace, engineering, environment, and more. We provide rigorous training to all our employees and each take and pass the IRCA ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor course and are certified internal auditors. Unlike some ISO consulting organizations, our consultants are true full-time employees and are trained to be experts with each ISO standard we service. We also hire competent and capable consultants with a high-level of expertise plus hands-on experience in implementing standards within different industries and sectors.

Our Team Approach

Teamwork is our secret to a successful quality or environmental management systems implementation. Our customers greatly benefit from our approach as they receive input and feedback from not only their lead consultant, but also the rest of the team. Our approach also injects consultant independency throughout the entire project process to ensure we are as thorough as possible in order to guarantee our customers achieve certification/accreditation.

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