Ensuring ISO 9001 Standards with Liteye Systems

The objective of most manufacturing operations is to deliver a quality product to their customers. This was no different for Liteye Systems, a global technology manufacturer and integrator to military and commercial sectors providing defense systems that protect lives and critical infrastructure. It’s no surprise that the company needed to be certified in ISO 9001.

What to do When Your QM Leaves

More and more companies realize that their QMS revolves around one person; their Quality Manager. One day, that quality Manager will leave, so how can you set up the system to survive losing a huge key factor in your system. That’s what we’re going to discuss.

What Should I Expect From My Quality Management System?

Clients often ask, what’s the difference between a good and bad quality management system? A follow-up question usually questions the value of one based on ISO 9001. No one should ever be surprised by such questions. There are good and bad approaches to establishing an organization’s quality management system. – This article will highlight the …

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Choose Success Before Software for ISO

Clients sometimes ask Cavendish Scott for advice on the best software for ISO. They generally seem to be hoping for a package that will provide the architecture for their standards, so they can simply follow all the prompts, check all the boxes, and thereby pass all their audits.

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