Testimonial from ISO Representative of Logistics, Resale and ReUse Organization

October 22nd, 2014

I just wanted to extend to you all my personal thanks for all the help that you’ve given me. Our ISO auditor was very impressed with the progress that we made within the last year. This progress would not have been possible if wasn’t for the professionalism and knowledge that you four displayed throughout the internal audits, consultations, and random email questions.

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DIS Approved and Progresses to FDIS. ISO 9001:2015 Development Process Remains on Time

October 20th, 2014

The buzz about voting on the ISO 9001:2015 has been all over the internet recently. There has been an unbelievable amount of dissent in the discussions from the American camp. Does anybody out there except my colleagues and I think this is a great evolution of the standard? Everybody seems to be moaning about it. They don’t like “risk” – it’s not defined enough. Requirements are thin. There is no management rep. They don’t like the change in terminology. They don’t like “strategic” stuff. Often...

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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Adopt ISO 9001:2015 Now

October 14th, 2014

By way of introduction, it must be said that the recent vote on whether to accept the DIS version of the ISO 9001:2015 standard included a rejection from the United States. While they publish and justify their reasoning, this is not made widely available and more than likely includes much political positioning as it does technical concerns. It remains to be seen if the overall vote (the US does not have any more voting power than other countries) is approved or rejected. If there is rejection...

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What’s the Difference between ISO 9001 and ISO 13485?

August 28th, 2014

By Dave Moskal

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ISO 9001:2015 Management Review – Small Changes to an Important Process

July 24th, 2014

by David Moskal

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Deconstructing the Draft International Standard (DIS)

June 17th, 2014

The new ISO 9001 Draft International Standard (DIS) recently released provides some great general direction of where the standard is headed. However, we must remember that its development is not yet finished and it still has some flaws which will certainly be corrected at the next revision to the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS). Any detailed look at the DIS will show the inconsistency and error at this time. Here is a hard look at 5 lines.

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ISO 9001:2015 ASQ Workshop on recently released Draft Int’l Standard (DIS)

May 29th, 2014

Gain insight into the recently released ISO 9001 Draft International Standard (DIS) of ISO 9001 through this informative slide presentation. Learn about the specific standard changes and the timeframe for adopting these changes.

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ISO 9001:2008 and the Service Industry

May 28th, 2014

By Dave K. Moskal

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Return on your Corrective Action Investment

March 21st, 2014

By D. K. Moskal

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Easy and Simple ISO

March 03rd, 2014

There is a lot of talk about doing ISO right. What is right? Is “getting the certificate” wrong? Many people, especially ISO auditors and consultants, criticize the organization for doing ISO because the customer needs it. While there are many problems that may arise from an ISO project that originates for these reasons, they are honest, realistic reasons that cannot be ignored. In fact, they are probably the most common reasons for initiating an ISO project. The implication behind this concern...

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