Why Are Changes Necessary? Is ISO 9001:2015 Worth It?

by Matt Leiphart

Q: I thought the standards were fine just as they were. Why are these changes being made?

Changes ahead for ISO 9001A: The standard writers have been revising the standards periodically, so on one level, it is time for a revision. By aligning all management system standards with Annex SL, it will become easier for organizations to address multiple standards with a single management system. The requirements numbering scheme will be the same, the high level structure will the same, and the basic approach to planning a management system will be same, regardless of whether an organization is addressing ISO 9001 for quality management, or ISO 27001 for information security management, or any of the other management system standards available. The biggest advantages brought by this revision is using organizational context partnered with risk assessment and mitigation to enable the management system to directly address the needs of the organization in achieving its intended results by considering strategic direction and the requirements of interested parties to identify and take action to reduce risk. We firmly believe this approach (if embraced by top management) will lead an organization out ahead of the issues that hamper its effectiveness. By expanding an organization’s vision beyond the prescriptive requirements of pre-Annex SL versions of the standards, these new standards will drive success.