When Should Our Company Implement ISO 9001:2015?

by Matt Leiphart

Q: When do I have to get started making the changes we need to make?

A: When you get started depends on how much you want to scramble at the end, and how confident you want to be during your upgrade audit. Keep in mind the changes are deep and wide. They include new terminology and changes to the way the management system is planned. Much of your system will remain intact, but analysis of external issues, internal issues, interested party requirements, and risks and opportunities may reveal new objectives, new procedures, new controls, new measurements, and new analysis that will require time to implement and improve. The nature of risk analysis and mitigation requires iteration as new information comes to light after the initial evaluation. The easiest and most effective path is to get an early start, practice the disciplines, revise the approach, and refine your system so when your upgrade audit day arrives, you have plenty of evidence on hand to prove your management system is a living embodiment of plan-do-check-act.