Should I Hire Consultants to Get Ready for ISO 9001:2015?

by Matt Leiphart

Q: I have talked to other top managers who have brought in consultants to get their organizations ready for the new standard. Since we are already registered, can’t I just send my management representative to a class and then they can make the necessary revisions to our documents?

ISO 9001:2015 ChangesA: Educating your staff is always a good idea, and since the changes to the standards are diverse and complicated, developing in house expertise is a must. But knowledge of the requirements is not the primary reason organizations tell us they have chosen to utilize consultants to upgrade their systems. To use a construction analogy, it takes a different level of effort to build a house than it does to maintain it. A similar thought process can be used when upgrading a management system. The people in your organization already have a lot on their plate. Daily responsibilities abound, and those daily responsibilities will trump taking action to make the necessary changes to the management system. When companies call us to address the new requirements, they tell us they can get it done faster, cheaper, and better by using consultants, and their existing staff can perform better knowing they can keep their focus on what they do best.

Upgrading to ISO 13485 from ISO 9001