Is it practical to take training and complete the ISO 2015 upgrade myself?

ISO 9001:2015Q: I aim to take training and complete the ISO 2015 upgrade myself – is that practical?

A: Some training is going to be necessary for all projects so this is a great way to get a feel for what is required. It is important that whatever training you get is the best out there. Not based on the DIS standard or from an organization that was providing DIS training (do you really think they are going to change their content?). A serious consulting organization will have the experience to give you the quality of training you need. We think this upgrade is complicated enough that you will need some consulting support – but that’s just a way to get you more one-on-one training. We also think it’s a complicated upgrade that’s going to involve a lot of training, new top management processes and a very different attitude to the 2008 version of ISO. This is going to present some challenges. Training may be enough to help to understand what is needed and move things in the right direction. Gap analysis, consulting and other training can be tools that you organize to get the result you need.