How Will My Registrar Convert My Certificate to the New ISO 9001:2015?

by Matt Leiphart

Q: My organization is registered to ISO 9001. How will my registrar convert our certificate to the new version? Will they have to perform an extra audit?

A: Registrars will need to perform an onsite audit to confirm your organization complies with all the requirements of the new standard. The logical time to perform an upgrade audit is at recertification (the audit performed right before your certificate expires). We have learned some registrars will provide options to upgrade as part of surveillance audits, though it appears the industry prefers upgrading at recertification. If you contact your registrar now and find out their plans, it is unlikely you will need to have an extra audit performed. Whatever path you work out with your registrar, keep in mind you will need to complete your transition (including the necessary audits by your registrar) before September 15, 2018, or your certification will no longer be valid.

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