What is the Current State of AS 9100? – November 2009

AS9100C (the latest version) was issued in January of 2009.  However it is not currently possible to be registered/certified to it.  The IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) has published a timeline that explains how and when organizations can become certified but this is currently awaiting two activities to be completed.

First, a companion standard AS9101 must be re-published to the D revision.  This standard contains instructions on how AS9100 should be audited and in the C version included a full standard checklist (which is now to be optional).  The substantial changes mean that AS9100C cannot be audited until this standard is published.  Currently this standard is being issued as a draft.  The draft will then need to be reviewed and voted upon.  That process will take many months that will mean it will not be available for final issue until about the end of the first quarter 2010.

Secondly, mandatory training is currently being designed.  This training has been identified by the IAQG as necessary to ensure better and more consistent auditing of AS9100.  A single source designer is about to be identified and when training materials are completed and approved by the IAQG, they will be made available to other training providers to deliver.  At this point, the single training designer has not been identified, materials have not yet been approved or made available for presentation.  It is currently expected that training will be “available” during the first quarter of 2010

If both of these tasks are completed on time then certifications to AS9100C should be possible shortly after.  It is recommended that you don’t plan on until mid to late summer 2010.  Cavendish Scott Intends to provide general training for AS9100C, the mandated AS9100C training and other AS training once these events are more defined.  We also intend to provide AS9100C upgrade materials and tools.