Testimonial from a consulting client of ours

The long awaited audit is next Monday-Thursday. I have finally gotten all the new procedures and manual read and touched up (nothing substantive so no worries!). When you were here they were reading like Mandarin and today I find they are crisp, clear and on point. You did a good job. Our Document Controller came around on not having an index and a number in the titles (I knew she would) so we are back to where you started on that. We had an all-hands training session earlier in the week with staff showing people how to get to all the quality documents, identify which procedures were important to each function, etc. One person was ready to fight to the death on having an index and a number in the titles and our Document Controller turned a brilliant shade of red — perhaps a new color in the spectrum. I have seen more people scurrying around trying to clean up their quality act in the last week than I’ve seen in the two years I have been here. That tells me that our decision to change course with you was the correct one. I had an epiphany in the middle of the last day when you and I were arguing about a CA on not having a training matrix. You said that we needed to change our culture and quit thinking about CA’s as bad things. I later found last year’s management report wherein our previous QA Manager established one of our measurement objectives as not having any CA’s. How funny is that!  Now we know why we have been so terrified of them. Anyway, in our meeting we also discussed not being afraid of the QMS. That we all needed to learn to work through the system instead of around it. I think I have identified 10 or 15 improvements we can make since you finished organizing our system and I am confident everyone else will come around. (I am struggling with when to call something a corrective action versus a preventive action.

Thanks again,

 — Director, Nuclear Services and Products Organization