ISO 9001:2015 Transition: Nearly out of time

Recently, Cavendish Scott presented at the International Conference on ISO 9000. The theme for the conference was “transition”. There were many presentations about interpretation and easy solutions. Overall, the conference provided a great forum for discussing transition.

The experts from the Aerospace industry provided fascinating feedback about transition. As of February 2018, there were less than 50% of AS9100 certified companies that had completed transition to the 2016 version of the standard. Obviously, some organizations have completed the audit stage but have not yet finished all their corrective actions or other paperwork, which could elevate the figure some. It is not clear how much, but it is not likely those who are actively working on their transitions will move the needle.

A speaker from the ANAB accreditation agency gave similar figures for the 9001 transitions. Less than 50% transitioned. Again, the numbers were a few months old and there are organizations who are in the process but not yet completed.

These figures are very interesting. They can mean several possibilities.

  • It could be that management has not recognized the importance of the transition and are assuming that 6 months to complete it is plenty of time.
  • It could be management does not appreciate the timing, resources needed, and effort required.
  • It could be that management have deliberately put it off as long as they can to minimize financial impact.

However, when you look at it you must acknowledge that this is a management problem. Did their quality function correctly inform them? It would not be the first time that management heard what they wanted. Whatever the reason, it is clear is that 50% of organizations are not going to be able to transition before September. There are not enough consultants, trainers or certification auditors available to help.

This means some organizations will drop certification and others will go into suspension. While other organizations will be working to re-establish certification after the deadline.

ISO is all about QMS and QMS is all about being deliberately successful and having reliable consistent quality. An organization’s quality does not change because of a lost certificate. If a company has a strong and optimal QMS (which is what ISO encourages) then the business, control, profitability, etc. should not be impacted. However, without a certificate, it may impact customer relations as well as current and potential contracts. There are major customer organizations including the government and government contracts that “require” certification. In that instance, suspension or losing a certificate can create serious problems for the organization.

What can a company do in this situation?

If you are in the Quality function you need to convince your management of the urgency.  This is NOT a simple transition. This transition requires resources and effort. An organization that wants to transition needs to start NOW. Getting on the calendar with your certification body is essential. Phone them now. In fact, many organizations already have a transition date…. they just haven’t done anything and don’t know what to do.  

Given the limited timing and lack of resources available, Cavendish Scott has put together a 2-day intensive workshop to help organizations complete their transition quickly and easily. All the necessary transition activities that can be completed in a workshop are going to be addressed.  

  • Attendees will be walked through document changes.
  • They will be given new tools.
  • They will receive training and support.

At the end of two days they will be as close to transition as possible – acknowledging that some things will have to be completed on site.

In a time where outside help is going to be hard to find and expensive, this is a great opportunity for anyone who needs transition. For more information about this program click here.

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