Auditing Calibration: What you need to know! (Presentation)

Auditing Calibration: What You Need to Know

This presentation covers all the key issues about calibration and how to audit a calibration function

It includes:

  • Information about traceability to NIST,
  • The difference between a manufacture”s cert and calibration cert,
  • Calibration records,
  • Frequency of calibration and
  • FAQs about calibration.  (attached)

Emily has a strong background in Metrology and ISO audits. She has specific experience with temperature, pressure, dimensional, humidity and torque calibrations, and has been trained by NIST and NCSL.

Emily currently works for Cavendish Scott, Inc. as a Lead Auditor and manages the Outsourced Internal Audit program.She is also a certified ISO 9001:2008 IRCA Lead Auditor Training classes.

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