Exploding the Myths about ISO 9000

The process of attaining ISO 9000 is not only misunderstood but often feared. Media coverage, hearsay, and business-related horror stories have all contributed to its threatening image.

If you believe the hearsay, you may also believe that ISO 9000 is an intrusive set of unrealistic and unwelcome rules and regulations that will make doing business unbearably difficult in the short run and moderately difficult forever thereafter.

This is not the case. On the pages that follow, we at Cavendish Scott will examine and refute many of the common myths about ISO 9000. As you read on, keep two things in mind. In the first place, ISO 9000 was designed to help standardize business practices across the globe, making it possible to do business more predictably and more efficiently. Secondly, at Cavendish Scott, we’ve seen it all. With more than 400 clients on two continents, we have witnessed virtually all of the potential pitfalls — and the simple ways to avoid them.

We invite your interest and your feedback. And we hope that the information that follows will help make your road to ISO 9000 interesting, beneficial — and even enjoyable.