What is ISO 45001 and why should my organization adopt it?

ISO 45001 is the latest standard to be published and is focused on safety. Previously, organizations would have to look outside ISO to OHSAS 18001 to show safety compliance. After many years of work, ISO has released 45001 which is the first International Standard for occupational health and safety. The standard is beneficial to any organization seeking to improve and show worker safety measures. ISO 45001 can be implemented at both captive and partner factories as well as production facilities.

ISO 45001 uses a high-level structure (Annex SL) so it has the same structure as both ISO 9001 and 14001. This makes 45001 an easy addition to any organization which already has 9001 or 14001 implemented. Organizations will be able to integrate related systems whether it be something like quality or environment with health and safety. ISO 45001 will increase efficiency across all ISO systems while simultaneously increasing working health and safety across the board.

ISO 45001 also features the same risk-based approach that ISO 9001 and 14001 employs. When an organization adopts 45001 effectively they will be able to address issues which could lead to long-term health issues or absence from work and shore up any areas which may be prone to accidents.

The benefits of ISO 45001 include but are not limited to:

  • Company-wide engagement: ISO 45001 places a focus on worker consultation for better OH&S practices
  • Prevention: ISO 45001’s emphasis on prevention provides organizations with a less costly way to manage worker safety
  • Risk-based approach: By adopting a risk-based approach to OH&S practices organizations are able to better prevent health and safety issues specifically related to your organization.
  • Easy integration with ISO 9001 & 14001: Integration provides an easy-to-use system which is beneficial in assessing risks and streamlining processes.
  • Increased focus on outsourced processes and subcontractors: ISO 45001 provides an opportunity to identify, control, and improve processes in an effort to eliminate safety and health risks to all workers in the supply chain.

ISO 45001 employs a simple Plan-Do-Check-Act model which gives organizations a clear path to creating a plan to minimize the risk of harm. As an employer we know minimizing health and safety risks are important. When you successfully manage OH&S risk your organization can improve its ability to prevent injury, ill health, and death while also supporting worker’s livelihoods, your business, and community.

ISO 45001 has replaced OHSAS 18001. Organizations will have three years to transition from 18001 to 45001. While three years are allowed for the transition, as some organizations may have realized from the ISO 9001:2015 transition – sooner is better than later.

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