Colin Gray speaks at the Jeffco Aerospace and Defense Small Business Industry Day

iStock_000003211951-webThe aerospace industry gathered in Colorado’s Jefferson County recently.  Sponsored by the Jefferson County Office of Economic Development, speakers U.S Representative Mike Coffman (CO-06), U.S. Representative Ed Perlmutter (CO-07), and Air Force Small Business Programs Director Mark Teskey set out to promote the importance of this advanced industry and the abilities and capabilities of Colorado to satisfy it.  This was no soft sell marketing conference but a combined effort including aerospace giants like Lockheed Martin, the Air Force and NASA to find new and small business sources of supply.  Small business representatives from these and other organizations gave details about how to establish relationships and get contracts.   Not only did they explain the process for starting a relationship they also listed available contracts that they are looking to satisfy with some businesses – representing billions of dollars of available revenue.  While nobody expected to simply walk away with new contracts, the process was clarified and matchmaking meeting set up to get the process going.

The importance of consistency, reliability and quality assurance was brought up time and time again. AS9100 certification is established as the way in which the industry is defining its needs and mandating assurance.  Colin Gray of Cavendish Scott, Inc. presented an update on the development of the standard, outlining the expected changes and timelines and giving attendees an outline of effort and approach to solving this step in their relationship with the industry.

“AS9100 is an important step” says Gray, “that, done well, gives customers confidence in the suppliers ability.  It overcomes one major set of questions and allows the supplier to proceed developing a mutually beneficial business relationship.”

View Colin Gray’s AS9100 Update and Review slide show presented during the Aerospace and Defense Small Business Industry Day on June 28, 2016. Organizations that are considering entering the aerospace industry can contact Cavendish Scott, Inc. for more information about AS9100.