AS9100C Upgrade Timing

The IAQG recently released the latest on timing for upgrading to AS9100C.

Their original schedule still remains intact.  Key milestones for this schedule are:

  • Release of sanctioned (mandatory) auditor training – End of April 2010
  • Once re-accredited for AS91ooC with trained auditors for AS9100C Certification Bodies are free to start updating clients to AS9100C.
  • Until July 1, 2011 Certification Bodies can audit to either AS9100B or C.
  • After July1, 2011 all audits must be to the AS9100C version of the standard.

As mentioned this schedule that was published in 2009 is still approximately accurate.  The additional information provided gives specific deadlines to accreditation agencies, auditor oversight bodies and training organization oversight bodies.   For example it requires the auditor oversight bodies to come up with a transition path for their auditor members to upgrade.

The auditor training material will be available at the end of April and it might take the training organizations say a month to train their trainers, incorporate the material and get themselves organized to be able to present the courses.  These training organizations must then be formally reviewed by the training oversight organizations.  Perhaps allow another month for this to take place.  Now auditors can formally access the training courses, pass the exam and submit their information to be included on the OASIS database (recognizing them as fully qualified AS auditors).  This might take another month.  Thus it may take until the end of July until auditors are trained and available.

Certification Bodies also need to be accredited to perform AS9100C audits.  This will involve them updating their management system and using trained auditors.  They can then be subject to an accreditation audit as the final step.  If then had been planning the upgrade well, their management system will already be modified and they will be attempting book their accreditation as soon as they have qualified auditors.  Lets allow just another month to do this.  In this scenario it might be the end of August 2010 before AS9100C upgrade audits can take place.

Obviously there are possible scenarios that might allow upgrades to take place sooner.  If the auditor training can be managed in May (and some may be)  and the Certification Body accreditation audit can take place in June, for instance.  However, there is a limited number of both training oversight auditors and accreditation auditors.   And whether it is booking a training class or and oversight/accreditation audit, flights are preferred with 2-3 weeks notice and these things just take time.

It is almost certain that Certification Bodies wont be able to upgrade ALL of their auditors for some time – perhaps until after the end of the year.  This will have an impact on your choice of when you upgrade.

If your audit (surveillance or reassessment) is after August 2011 (or even by the end of the year) you are unlikely to be allowed to upgrade until 2011 (and then you wont have a choice to not upgrade it being after July 2011).

You best choice is to contact your Certification Body and attempt to firm up your upgrade audit date.  They are unlikely to know until more experience of the training is gained but your persistence is important.  Similarly you MUST plan your system upgrade.  It is essential you account for the changes that AS9100D will bring (in particular the PEAR effectiveness review process) and unless you are certain of your upgrade timing you might consider adding the AS9100C changes without removing AS9100B aspects – yet!  This will mean you are ready for any date that your Certification Body might give you and you will be certain of passing.

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