AS Mandatory Auditor Training Announced

Official AS Training Announced

The IAQG mandated training was announced on May 1.  The training mandatory for any professional auditor to upgrade from Rev B to Rev C.  Before they can conduct registrar audits they must take and pass the training.  Then they must reapply to the RABQSA to upgrade their registration status so they can be formally recognized as Rev C auditors.  For new auditors, the content of this training will have to be integrated into the “normal” lead auditor training.

This training is also important for organizations upgrading to Rev C.  Not that they should attend the training but they should be aware of what auditors are being told.  It is likely this training will tell them where to focus, and how aggressive to be.  It is essential that you don’t upgrade your system to Rev C without knowing how and what will be audited.  Unfortunately the training content is still not available.  While some training courses have been presented, there is still no public information on content at this time.  We’ll bring you this final piece of the puzzle as soon as more information is available.

The training is substantial.  There is an 8 our on-line module (which can be avoided if you pass the exam at the beginning) and then 4 days in class training.  Also the training is very expensive – about $4000 for the training itself, then add travel and accommodation, loss of work revenue and re-registration fees.  For most auditors this will represent about $10,000.  There is a good chance that some auditors simply wont do this and thus availability of Rev C auditors will become even more difficult.

Cavendish Scott, Inc. has analyzed the changes from Rev B to Rev C and identified the best solutions for different situations.  We have also designed solutions to address the issues introduced in AS9101D.  While these changes are simple in some area, it is likely to be the most rigorously audited and if you have not fully addressed everything there is a significant chance of you losing your registration for a year.   With our approach Cavendish Scott, Inc. guarantees that you will maintain your registration. Here are more details or contact us if you have any specific questions.