AS9100 2016 Release Date – September 20

The latest version of the aerospace standard, AS9100 2016 is to be released on September 20.

Originally intended for release in April, the AS9100 standard will finally be available.  But it’s not that straightforward.  AS9110 (Standards for Maintenance Organizations) won’t be published until November and AS9120 (Standards for Stockist Distributors) not until December.

Also, AS9101 (Audit Requirements for ASD organizations) is slated for publication in November.  This is the auditing standard – the document that guides auditors and auditing during an AS audit.  And to accompany it, the formal, mandatory auditor training to be taken by all auditors before they are qualified to audit to the standard.  Basically, the standard will be available in September but you won’t know how it will be audited until November 2016.  No word on the specific date but you can expect it to take a few months for the certification bodies to get their systems changed and their auditors trained.

Warning – no time at all

Perhaps more serious is the date that was recently announced after which all audits must use the 2016 version of the standards — June 2017.  This is huge because everyone in the AS world, everyone who is AS certified will have to have a system in place starting in 9 months (8 if the actual date is in early June).  Obviously if you can get your 2009 audit in before June, then you get 12 months more. But at least one third of the AS community has no choice and only 9 months to react.  And this assumes that certification bodies won’t attempt a more severe schedule which they often do.  Certification bodies want to keep their customers and they often schedule critical audits 3-6 months early so that if there are any problems, there is time to put things right.

If you have an AS audit “scheduled” for next summer you should urgently confirm your pre-June audit with your certification body (this may also work bringing a July audit forward)  – acknowledging that they may not be aware of the rules and changes till November and it may take time for them to get their plans and processes in place.

The changes in AS 9100 2016 are not insignificant.  They require serious attention from management and bring in the strategic processes and the broader application of risk that ISO 9001 has introduced.  It also requires a process approach and so organizations who have a requirements based system have major changes (a good indication is that it uses the numbering system of ISO to identify its procedures).

ISO 9001 may be a good early adoption strategy but it is clear that AS organizations need to be very focused, forward looking and ready to react.  Cavendish Scott has been working with ISO, AS and other management systems since 1985.  We take a practical, business approach, are very precise with interpretation and guarantee success.  We provide auditing, gap analysis, training and consult services.