A Tale of 2 ISO Courses

Continuing education is a must to maintain your ISO certification. After all, the overarching point is continuous improvement, and that requires staying abreast of rule changes as well as learning new implementation and audit strategies. Unfortunately, not all ISO training is created equal.

Consider this cautionary tale

A young woman attended an ISO workshop taught by one of our Cavendish Scott instructors. Over the next few years, she was sent to several other trainings, under the tutelage of a different organization. She described one instructor, in particular, as “horrible.” She formally complained about his rudeness and lack of preparation, but never even received a response.

Later, she attended another course taught by that same instructor, and had the same entirely negative experience. The venue was itself was run-down, the ceiling leaked, and the instructor’s comments directly contradicted her previous training.

Needless to say, she was upset and frustrated. This time, her formal complaint to the training organization was met with a retaliatory complaint to her boss that she had been “disruptive” in class. The response to her specific concern about conflicting information was that “you can’t expect a consistent answer because ISO is very widely interpreted.”

Enough, already!

ISO is all about quality. The quality of your training directly determines the quality of your ability to follow up. To train your own colleagues. To audit accurately. And implement beneficial changes. So what does it take to ensure a superior training experience?

Clean, comfortable surroundings, of course. Beyond that, three critical factors:

  1. Highly-skilled, professional trainers
  2. Personalized attention
  3. Hands-on, real-life problem solving exercises

Knowledgeable, experienced trainers not only know ISO inside and out, they take the time to offer insightful recommendations and ensure that attendees understand the nuances and ramifications of ISO guidelines. That’s what enables attendees to go home and make smart, competent decisions for their own company and situation.

At Cavendish Scott, every one of our ISO courses incorporates these three education principles. But there’s more. Each of our classes also includes an actual audit takeaway, to further learning relevance.

What do our attendees think?

You guessed it – rave reviews:

  • “This has been the best, by far, lead auditor course I have taken.”
  • “Instructor was amazing and very knowledgeable.”
  • “The custom training provided to Managers and to our internal audit team is truly appreciated.”
  • “There were a lot of activities to ensure you walk away knowledgeable and prepared to audit.”
  • “This course gave me an entirely new perspective to audit from!”
  • “We had several new auditors and she was attentive to their needs, working one-on-one with each to make sure they grasped the material.”
  • “By the way, we had our surveillance audit yesterday and there were NO non-conformances found.”
  • We’re pretty proud of reviews like these, just like we’re proud of the quality training we deliver. It’s our way of helping you make the most of your ISO certification. Isn’t that what you and what your customers expect?