An Announcement: More Support for Your Situation

New services, more support, and reorganization

Cavendish Scott has provided the best ISO consulting, auditing, and training for 30+ years. But did you know that we offer a lot more? As proven and trusted management consultants, we have the know-how and expertise to add value to your organization and have done so for decades. We provide additional support for your current system, offer extensive and meaningful training and training topics, and consulting on a wide range of standards and associated topics. 

Our unwavering commitment to providing the best approach and solutions has never changed. In order to more effectively deliver the services your organization needs to shine, we are revisiting our structure and focus. We believe we can provide you with more support to maximize value and better control your situation. As a result, we are adding dedicated roles to overall business management, business development, project management, and technical support to our organization, to deliver higher quality services to our customers.

Ongoing ISO support

You already have a great ISO system in place, but there are always things to do. Your role is important and ISO is one area that is clearly defined and can be easily left to the expertise of Cavendish Scott to take care of. We guarantee success so you can rely on our services to provide maintenance of system tasks such as cost analysis, non-conformance processing, corrective action oversight, and record keeping. We can help ensure calibration processes are up to date, vendor data is current, training records are maintained, and provide in-house training and support. We can help prepare for, and even facilitate, your management system planning, strategic approach, communication, risk management, and management review. This support can be combined with internal auditing to give you a reliable, uninterruptible solution that you don’t have to worry about. Certification guaranteed, value-driven, and meaningful outcomes always.


Did you know that we can assist with a wide variety of complementary standards? You have a great quality system, but customers want to push for a cleaner environmental outlook, an assured safe workplace, ethical business practices, and an ability to react in the event of unforeseen circumstances. A common and current concern is the ability to demonstrate a secure cyber environment. With persistent cyber threats from all across the globe, clients are pushing for increased cyber security and data protection from their own customers. All of these should be addressed through management systems – the approach that ensures you are not just good but that you are always good! There are a lot of models out there that are proven and recognized. We know you are busy. Let Cavendish Scott, the proven experts in quality management systems, integrate these solutions for you so you can stay ahead of the game.


We, at Cavendish Scott, are excited to continue adding value to your organization. In order to better focus our efforts, we have streamlined and realigned our roles.

Overall Business Management and Business Development ( will be handled by Tommy Nguyen. If you have a question about opportunities or services, he is the right person to ask. He will support new and existing customers and establish needed solutions to problems while also providing more general financial and administrative support – such as satisfying your vendor control needs.

Technical Support will come from within. The goal is to provide increased training, detailed specialization, and expertise to all consultants on a continual basis. The organization and delivery of this expertise will be overseen by a dedicated technical support function. Consultants, auditors, and trainers will be supported by technical expertise on any project as needed – above all else, we are a Team. Colin Gray will take on this role, reducing his broader involvement in the organization, and giving a dedicated technical focus, as he retires in 2023/2024.

Project Management will always be a part of project success and this is an area that Cavendish Scott excels. To better support our lead consultants on whatever projects they are engaged in, we have established an additional, organization-wide project management role. As a result of this, scheduling will be more formally managed to provide more timely information and support. This will ensure that resources are better planned, projects are more communicated, and outcomes are forward-looking to intentionally achieve success.

Melodi Nelson ( takes over both the scheduling and project management roles and will be a part of all projects moving forward.

We are thrilled to better serve you and your organization’s needs and know that these changes will add greater value to our customers. We want our customers to not only be good but to always be good. Contact us to see what other offerings we can provide today!